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The leading publisher of contemporary literature on non-duality

Since 2004, Non-Duality Press has been the leading publisher of contemporary literature on the subject of non-duality, a translation of the Sanskrit word “Advaita,” meaning “not two”—not separate from the universe or from each other. Contemporary non-duality stands firmly in the immediacy of the present moment, but often draws on the wisdom of ancient teachings, such as Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism, to bring them into the intimacy of our modern lives.

Non-Duality Press has sought authors whose work carries the authority of genuine experience and insight, emphasizing the embodiment and integration of non-dual awareness with the miraculous ordinariness of daily life. These books point you toward the source of your own being, encouraging you to explore within your own experience and draw your own conclusions without the need to subscribe to traditional beliefs or rely on secondhand revelations.

New Harbinger is proud to continue this mission with Non-Duality Press, providing authentic and accessible writing by non-duality’s leading voices: Jeff Foster, author of Falling in Love with Where You Are; Greg Goode, author of The Direct Path; Jean Klein, author of I Am; and Joan Tollifson, author of Nothing to Grasp. We’re also excited to release work by Rupert Spira, author of Presence and The Transparency of Things, copublished with Sahaja Publications.

Whether based on explorations of respected traditions and philosophies, investigations of contemporary approaches, personal stories and intimate experiences, or some combination of these, Non-Duality books invite you to look deeper, to question and learn—and to be compassionate and radically honest with yourself as you transition into an ease of being that is purely present, now and always. We are glad to support you on this transformational path.

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