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The youth of today are more riddled with anxiety, crippled by depression, and hindered by stress. You can’t open a young adult novel without reading about a main character with depression or anxiety. Glaring statistics about teen suicide make headlines nearly every day. It is a tough world to be a teen.

But the real news—the news of hope—is that there is proven, evidence-based help.

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That hope is at the heart of New Harbinger’s Instant Help line of books, which this fall is offering help for teens facing the hot-button issues of our day around anxiety, gender identity, and managing grief and other heavy emotions Real Talk About Sex and Consent by Cheryl M. Bradshaw, The Grit Guide for Teens, by Caren Baruch-Feldman and Dark Agents, Book One by by Janina Scarlet.

While real teens are getting lost in the statistical shuffle, the qualified experts who write the Instant Help line are propelled by the research that shows how the treatments in their books applied early in life drastically reduces the development of severe mental health disorders later.

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Now, more than ever, teens are facing enormous pressure. From school, social media, and bullies to the constant pressure to fit in and be perfect – their mental health is suffering.

But help is available. The Instant Help line of books teaches teens proven-effective skills to help them cope with everything that comes their way – from their parents, schools, society, and even from their own minds.

By acquiring Instant Help in 2008, New Harbinger Publications extended to children, teens, and parents our line of award-winning, evidence-based workbooks that we have successfully marketed to traditional bookstores and directly to therapists, counselors, parents, and teachers.  Today we have more than 50 books available on topics ranging from anxiety to eating disorders and more.

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